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Ready to meet Kevin McCloud?

The long awaited Grand Designs Live Exhibition draws near.

And after receiving a huge number of great responses to our free Grand Design Live ticket giveaway, LightHome has selected the lucky readers who will be heading along to see Kevin McCloud and other celebrity experts live in Melbourne – for free.

With more than 220 exhibitors, organisers say Grand Designs Live is the place to view the latest products and innovations on the market, as well as gather ideas, advice and some great show specials. A number of celebrity experts will share their insights and knowledge live on stage.

Light Home winners: What you told us

Prash Ravindran is currently building his first two-development townhouse as an investment property. After finalising the project’s plans and permits he’s now on the lookout for a builder, and some grand ideas.

“My plan is to eventually sell the property,” Prash says. “So I want to head along to Grand Designs to find some clever ideas, which are good value for money and will really give my townhouse the WOW factor!”

Blanca Pizzani and her husband have been renovating their first house for – wait for it - the past 15 years. She says it’s been a pleasure doing the work themselves, using the Grand Designs television series as an infinite well of inspritation.

“We used to spend our holidays watching the programs on the LifeStyle channel,” Blanca says. “The programs and Kevin himself kept us motivated and we never want to miss the finished products. The creativity of people and the sustainability focus of most of the projects fascinated us.”

Gail Rutherford is a semi-retired designer and long term Kevin McCloud fan. She’s currently reading Kevin McLoud’s latest book 43 Principles of Home as part of her preparation for her next project.

“No matter how old you are you can always learn,” Gail says. “I’m interested to see whether Kevin McCloud live – after television, documentaries and books – will be as entertaining and challenging in the flesh.”

Matthew Camilleri is an architectural draftsman and huge Grand Designs enthusiast. While he watches the television series every chance he gets, attending the live show would be a huge benefit to his work - giving him exposure to different materials, finishes and designs.

“I love Grand Designs,” Matthew says. “Both professionally and personally it gives me inspiration, and without that you cannot create anything grand.”

The Grand Designs Live Melbourne kicks off in Melbourne during September and Grand Designs Live Sydney in October.

Congratulations to all the LightHome winners. We’ll be contacting you by email with instructions on how to redeem your prize.

See you at the show!

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