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  • Welcome to the last EVER edition of Light Home magazine - Summer 2014!

    After a number of years producing the quarterly magazine, Light Home will be taking a new direction in 2015. We hope you enjoy this final edition, winding up the year and kicking off summer.
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    • The spring issue of our quarterly magazine!
    • The winter issue of our quarterly magazine is out now. The days are shorter, colder and motivation seems to be as elusive as the sun, so we've filled this issue with the latest trends in architecture and design to keep you inspired.
    • The autumn issue of our quarterly magazine is out now. Autumn is a time for reflecting on the goals you set at the start of the year, and putting plans into action. We've got all the tips on injecting the 'wow' factor into your home, and some inspiring ideas to get you started on projects.
    • Light Home Magazine's summer issue is out now, and is jam-packed with big ideas.
    • The Home Renovation Guide: How to plan, budget and manage a renovation – for profit, sale and comfort. PLUS The works of Peter Maddison, Richard Goodwin, Peter Stutchbury & more…
    • The 2013 Colour Report: a simple guide to choosing colours and top colour trends for 2013. All that and more in the Autumn issue of Light Home magazine, live now!
    • The summer issue of the Light Home magazine is packed with design ideas, drool-worthy homes and a special trend report on "How we love to live"!
    • Top stories: doubling up with prefab solution and the rise of the new terrace.
    • Top story: what makes the Australian beach house.
    • Don't let the cold get you down, check out the Winter 2011 issue of the magazine for hot design ideas and inspiration. This quarters top stories are the fabulous Tree House and Ambassador Ed Ewers.
    • Meet our new Design Ambassadors! They're here with years of expertise, keen eyes for design and ideas to get you ready for your next project.
    • A crop of interesting stories: welcome to the Autumn Issue.

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