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3 Cleaning Solutions that You Might Never Have Considered

If you own a home or an office and don’t use professional cleaners the chances are that you’ll already know just how much dirt and grime can build up over time. Even frequent cleaning might not be sufficient; in fact, it was recently reported that 1 in 4 homes possess enough bacteria to trigger illnesses such as cold and flu – because of owners not being able to cater to all of their cleaning requirements and in particular the aircon. A regular aircon service and clean from a company like Vital Aircon is so important.

If you’re keen to ensure that your property is as tidy and healthy as possible, then it might be time to hire a dedicated expert. Most will specialise in a typical range of services; such as cleaning kitchens, bathrooms and toilets in general, but what about those spaces in your home that you might not have considered and could be some of the worst bacterial offenders?

Here are 3 cleaning solutions that you may never have thought about.

Carpet cleaning

Our carpets are responsible for keeping us warm whilst helping our homes to look great – but did you know that the individual fibres can act as factories for germs and bacteria? Our shoes venture outside and what touches the bottom of them will spread onto our carpets, making them one of the dirtiest parts of our homes without regular cleaning. Unfortunately, without industrial grade products and facilities, even the most vigorous scrubbing might not be as effective as we’d like.

Toilet cleaning

Plenty of people use bleach and antibacterial agents in their toilets; but the truth is that if you don’t make a point of scrubbing yours with the highest strength cleaning agents then the chances are that bacteria will find a way to thrive. Underneath the rim can be one of the worst places to reach and so it’s not uncommon to find most germs hiding there. To combat this and ensure a clean toilet, why not hire a cleaner to take care of this strenuous task on your behalf?

Cleaning after a renovation

Many home owners enjoy nothing more than adding new features and functions to their properties. During a renovation, it’s not uncommon for dust and dirt to be kicked up and even an extensive vacuuming session might not help to ensure that harmful particles are removed from the air. With a more thorough clean and using advanced devices and tools, you could help to ensure that your renovation doesn’t become a hindrance to your health – or you could take on the services of a dedicated cleaner to look after the cleanliness of your handy work and employ full rubbish removal specialists such as GoodByeJunk

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