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Light Homes defined

This site is a celebration of light homes because when they’re well designed, they’re perfectly suited to the way we love to live.

For example:

  • A perfect light home is light and airy: able to be open and breezy when it’s warm and deeply shaded when it’s hot, with sunny inside spaces and toasty temperatures when it’s cold.
  • Its visual style hints at our heritage but it looks cutting-edge modern when it’s called for and seamlessly subtle when the surroundings hold the stage.
  • It’s robust enough to endure almost anything nature dishes up, and it also touches lightly on the earth – literally – as well as lightly on your pocket.

When it comes to designing and building a home that achieves all these things, the way to do it is with lightweight construction methods and materials. Here’s why:

  • When it comes to creating homes that are light and airy, with big openings and large overhangs, nothing is as cost effective as using lightweight materials.
  • When it comes to achieving thermal comfort no matter what the orientation or climate, nothing lends itself to climate-sensitive design like lightweight construction.
  • When it comes creating a visual style that’s appropriate to the surroundings nothing is as aesthetically flexible as lightweight materials.
  • When it comes to preserving vegetation and site topography no construction method is as low impact as lightweight construction.
  • When it comes to creating affordability through building efficiency lightweight construction covers all the bases.

Now while lighthome.com.au is sponsored by the lightweight materials range Scyon™, the advanced cement composite that’s both lightweight but heavy duty, there are many, many designers and builders across Australia who are just as passionate about Light Homes.