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How Often Should You Plan to Clean Your Furnace and Duct

Many modern homes feature traditional heating systems, and things don’t get much more authentic than with a fireplace. Furnaces can offer an ideal way to heat a home, especially during those colder months. One thing that most fireplaces will share in common is their construction; with a central port for the heat to be emitted, and then a channel, shaft, or duct to aid in the expulsion of harmful, and often toxic, fumes.

Furnace and duct cleaning can be quite difficult to undertake, especially if the home owner isn’t able to reach right into the shaft to ensure a sufficient clean. This is why many people consider hiring professional duct cleaning companies. Understanding how often a duct might need cleaning can be quite important, with experts recommending a complete clean at least once every six months.

Over time, dirt, grease, and oil can begin to build up within the duct – which can quickly become toxic if ever allowed to re-enter the living area (i.e. when a fireplace is activated and superheats the toxic oil that had previously solidified). It’s not just oil that can become a nuisance however; there are also several external factors that can detract from the functionality of a furnace.

The external factors that can take the biggest toll on a fireplace

Many chimney breasts are constructed to last for years, but over time (and when exposed consistently to hot air from below and cold air from outside) even the best made chimney can suffer with damage. It’s not unheard of for brickwork, rocks, and other solid debris to crumble and make their way into the shaft – and over time, they can lead to blockages.

If the sound of falling rubble is ever heard within a chimney, then it can be important to get in touch with an expert duct cleaning service to have them evaluate the damage. If the crumbling is quite severe, then the chimney (or parts of it) might need replacing. There are plenty of stories about damage only being discovered during cleaning – and in some cases these discoveries have spelt the difference between safety, and disaster.

How often should a duct be cleaned?

With all of the above considered, it’s important to take on board what the experts have to say. The majority recommend having a furnace, and its shaft, checked at least twice a year when the device has only been used minimally, if at all. During colder months when a fireplace may be utilized more often, checking for damage every month or two should be the priority instead.

If any issues are noticed it can be fairly straight forward to get in touch with an expert, and have them visit a home for a quick check-up and evaluation