Stained Glass Leadlight Windows

Using Stained Glass For Your Home

When most people hear the words stained glass, it’s not uncommon for the thought of a church to immediately spring to mind. In reality, this type of glass work is actually ideal for homes and commercial properties too – and with the technology now at its most extensive, it can be possible to have a great range of designs, styles and aesthetics created and introduced within a property.

Is all glass staining the same?

In short, the answer would have to be no. Some glass, especially the type that can be found within churches, will often be singularly framed, so the staining technique can be much easier to pull off. Within modern buildings, and where the staining process is often present within double glazing, it can be important to ensure that both sheets match in colour and shape.

There are other options that are available however, as double glazing can be quite expensive. Modern glass is often far stronger than the types that were previously available, with plenty of reputable manufacturers tempering their glass properly to ensure that it remains as durable as possible. Tempered glass can also absorb ink in a more prominent way, often allowing for bolder colours to be used.

Things to think about when using this type of glass

One thing that can be said about the modern form of this glass type is that it can add some much needed elegance and beauty to a home. Whether the glass is being placed on the front door, inside of a property, or even outdoors to add a little vibrancy and colour – it can be a valued addition to any home.

It’s also fairly simple to maintain, although the type of care and cleaning required will often require varying resources be used. When using stained glass in a home for instance, it’s not uncommon for the glass to be dyed, meaning that the entirety of the piece will be of a particular colour. This type of glass can last for much longer than inked glass, mainly due to the fact that because the entire piece is coloured, it can be far less prone to fading over time.

With inked glass (the type that simply features external colouring or lamination), it’s not uncommon for the colour to fade over time, or when exposed to particular cleaning agents. Before deciding on the type of glass to use, it can be much more beneficial to get in touch with a reputable supplier and ask for their recommendations. Depending on the requirement, they might suggest one type over another – and as most home owners will want their properties to look their best, deciding on the right style can make a lot of difference to the appearance of the home.

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